What is the world record with flying disc for dog?

What is the world record with flying disc for dog?

Davy the whippet holds the Guinness World Record for catching the longest flying disc. He can catch a disc from more than four hundred feet! Davy was introduced to champion Frisbee thrower Robert J McLeod, and they both hold the record together! But how do you get a flying disc to catch it? Read on to find out how! Here are some tips on how to train your dog to catch a flying disc.

The first step towards setting a new world record for canine throwing is getting a good flight-training program for your pet. Disc golf is one of the fastest ways to develop agility skills. Disc golf is another popular sport involving discs. A flying disc is a lightweight sport-specific gadget. Most disc golf courses use discs with holes in them, but if you can throw a flying disc a dog can catch, it’s a big step!

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